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Restorative Matters

The Heart of Education

What is Restorative Practice?

Why Restorative Matters

Restorative Practice

  • Provides an open and non-judgmental space for student voice

  • Equips students with effective communication skills

  • Strengthens emotional intelligence 

  • Creates a space to welcome and celebrate diversity

  • Builds a school ethos of mental and emotional wellness

  • Provides an excellent opportunity for the school populace to build relationships

  • Reduces issues of bullying and conflict by developing a community of equity, interdependence, and respect. 

  • Can contribute significantly to a student’s academic success

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Presenter and Facilitator

All About Brenda

  • A restorative practice consultant with a progressive approach to establishing, building, and repairing relationships within school communities.

  • Has led numerous Pro-active Circles in school communities

  • Has over twenty-five years experience working with youth and educators

  • Holds a master's degree with a concentration in restorative practices and certification in restorative justice 

  • Has led workshops for school boards and the National Restorative Justice Symposium

  • An enthusiastic presenter who enjoys facilitating interaction and dialogue

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Expertise. Experience. Creativity.

I work with clients, providing exceptional consulting services that are catered specifically to their needs.

Take a look below at the services I offer and get in touch to achieve immediate results.

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Half-day and full day pro-active Circle training and/or workshops geared to the specific needs of educators, students, principals, support staff, and board personnel.

Topics include:

  • The Ins and Outs of Leading a Pro-active Circle

  • Effective Communication

  • Understanding the Nature of Conflict

  • ​ Restorative Versus Retributive Responses

  • Building a Restorative Community

Interested in hearing more on how restorative practices can enhance your school community? 

Contact me and we can discuss how Restorative Matters.

Girls at Recess

I have worked with and known Brenda for over 15 years in Eastern Ontario. Brenda's expertise and passion for Restorative Practices is exceptional and I would highly recommend booking Brenda in for your next conference and professional learning day. Brenda is a dynamic speaker and she engages her audience on Restorative Matters which truly is at the heart of education.

Richard James, associate professor, University of Ottawa, faculty of education

I had the good fortune to work alongside Brenda who was instrumental in developing and implementing a restorative practice program in the school community.  She is a very innovative and hard-working person, seeking to find solutions where others might not.  Establishing a whole-school approach in building a culture of respect and care, Brenda worked closely with staff, students and administration demonstrating how to lead effective communication circles.  Our school culture changed as we introduced restorative practices and Brenda’s knowledge, understanding and passion was instrumental in making the difference.

Dave Chaplin, retired teacher and school principal

Brenda is a master at engaging those young people who are most difficult to reach. She can so quickly bring out the best in kids who have their heels dug in, that you are left puzzling over how she did it.  It’s only in retrospect that you realize it’s her humour, playfulness and genuine care that invites them to let their best selves shine.

Carol Williams, teacher

Brenda is highly organized, thoughtful, confident, and knowledgeable.  Her workshops are lively and engaging, practical and challenging, focused on strengthening healthy connections and positive relationships.  She is a dynamic and engaging facilitator and speaker empowering participants to envision 'a culture of care' throughout the school community.

Brian Peters, retired school principal

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An hour length presentation introduces the who, what, where, when, why and how of restorative practices that can be customized to address a variety of target audiences; students, parents, educators, school administrators, support staff, and board personnel.

Modelling Pro-active Circles


Engaging Circle conversations preparing staff and students for Circle leadership within their own school communities. 

Modelling includes:

·     Changing How We Speak

·     Teaching and Modelling Effective Communication

·     The Ins and Outs of Leading a Pro-active Circle

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(613) 292-0460

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